The team at Dentalstyle work to ensure your surgery is offering the best in high-quality to meet the needs of busy dental surgeries. 



    We provide quality cabinetry to meet the demands of busy dental surgeries right across the UK.

    With a busy surgery, the layout of your space is paramount to ensure you can offer efficient and safe services. The cabinetry in your surgery is as much a part of your set of tools as your instruments or hand piece; this is why your space needs to be designed to support the you and the way you work.

    The team at Dentalstyle work with you to create bespoke dental surgery designs that fit with your needs, as well as meeting and exceeding all relevant regulations. The location of sinks, electrical sockets, dispensers and equipment such as your amalgam mixer all need to be included in the design.

    Working with our distributors right across the UK, we will ensure that your equipment and cabinetry work together seamlessly to create a harmonious working environment with every tailor-made surgery space.

    Browse our gallery to see just some of the projects that have been completed by the Dentalstyle team, or get in touch here to speak to a member of the team for surgery solutions tailor-made for your business.